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The International Poultry, Pig and Horticultural Light Specialists

Be assured with Gallina LED Lighting: Better for Animal Welfare, Better for the Environment, Better for your Pocket!

Here at Gallina LED we offer a wide range of high quality lighting to improve the efficiency and welfare of poultry and pig management as well as lights to provide optimum growing conditions for flowers, fruit, vegetables, clones, micro-leaf and leafy plants. Click a button below to see the Poultry and Pig LED Lighting Catalogue, UVC Lighting Catalogue or the Horticultural LED Lighting Catalogue where you will find the details on the ranges.

We have such confidence in the quality of our products that we offer 5 year warranties on the vast majority of our products*. All products are manufactured to the highest specifications and standards, and all carry CE, UKCA and RoHs certification.

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Poultry Lighting

  • Flickerfree reduces stress and pecking, improves resistance to disease

  • Increases musculosketelal development and weight gain by 5% (5000K)

  • Encourages sexual development

  • Controls onset and optimises egg production (2700K)

  • Improves the persistance of lay

  • IP67 Structurally waterproof, dustproof and impact resistant

  • 5 Year Warranty

Pig Lighting

  • IP67 Waterproof

  • Dustproof, Moisture Proof, Vapour Proof including Ammonia

  • Provides ideal lighting conditions for rearing pigs

  • Flicker free for optimum performance and results

  • Also suitable for Car Parks, Swimming Pools, Warehouses, Bus Stations

  • 5 Year Warranty

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Horticulture Lighting

  • More than 50% higher in PPFD compared with HID lamps

  • Energy saving with 37% lower power consumption than HID lamps

  • Easy to install

  • Dimmable: 0 - 10V dimming

  • IP66 waterproof

  • Full spectrum for optimum growing conditions

  • High efficacy up to 2.8 µmol/J

  • 5 Year Warranty

Gallina LED now supplies high quality products to the following countries

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The Enlightenment Series

A collection of informative articles which show the benefits of Gallina LED lighting in the efficiency and welfare of poultry management

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Dimmer Unit User Manuals

You can find copies of all of the dimmer unit user manuals on the poultry light product page, just click here



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